SANS DFIR Summit 2014, Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, Austin, TX

SANS DFIR Summit 2014

June 9-10, 2014

Panel:  So You Want to Write a Forensics Book


If you have ever entertained the idea of writing a forensics book, here is your chance to talk with some of the published authors who have already done it.  Find out how they were able to get their book deals, what the process of writing was like for each of them, how they assembled their writing team and what they learned from it all.  The authors will share practical tips from their experience with the process and the publishing houses.                                                 


  • Suzanne Widup (moderator), Author of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation with EnCase Forensic, McGraw-Hill
  • David Cowen, Author of Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics, Anti Hacker Toolkit 3rd Edition and The Computer Forensics Infosec Pro Guide, McGraw-Hill
  • Joseph Shaw, Author of Unified Communications Forensics, Syngress
  • Warren Kruse, Author of Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials, Addison Wesley
  • Heather Mahalik, Co-Author of Practical Mobile Forensics, Packt Publishing.
  • Harlan Carvey, Lead Author of Windows Forensic Analysis (editions 1 through 4), Windows Registry Forensics, Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery, Perl Scripting for Windows Security, contributing author to Digital Forensics With Open Source Tools

The panel will be held on June 9th at 11:30 a.m. 

Harlan wrote in his blog about the panel and his thoughts about the topic of being an author.  The initial post can be found here, and a followup that addresses questions posed by his twitter followers can be found here.  They provide a nice preview into what the panel will be like.